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Transform your marketing challenges into triumphs.

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[ An open letter to those seeking a different solution]
Higher education and nonprofit leaders, welcome to a new era. An era filled with unprecedented challenges.
Where 75% of CMOs feel the pressure of pronounced expectations without adequate resources, the majority are fighting uphill battle.
But you have a bold vision. A transformative vision.
You’re working incredibly hard to drive your organization forward, meeting not just ambitious goals but mission-critical ones. The stakes are higher than ever.
Failure is not an option.
You want to create a thriving environment where these goals are not just met but exceeded, where your marketing and communication efforts align with the mission and produce measurable results—the kind your organization needs, your industry applauds, and that give you a profound sense of accomplishment.
But you can’t meet these sky-high expectations with limited resources.
You know that relying solely on your team to tackle every challenge isn't smart or sustainable. Nor is spending exorbitantly on agencies that don’t fully understand your needs.
Necessary change is everywhere. But the real challenge isn't just change itself, rather the pace at which it can be achieved. Moving too slowly leaves your organization vulnerable and frustrated, while more rapid and thoughtful adaptation positions it to thrive.
You’re ready to try a different solution—one that combines the best of both worlds: deep organizational insight with agile, high-impact strategies.
Let DJG Marketing help you maximize your resources, drive change more efficiently, and transform your challenges into triumphs.

Hi—I'm Dan Giroux.
I partner with higher education and nonprofit leaders to fast-track successful outcomes.

Dan Headshot 032523 copy_edited_edited_e

Part seasoned MarComm leader,

part high-performing agency veteran.

With two decades of extensive experience in higher education, nonprofit, consumer, and B2B branding and integrated marketing communications, I excel at tackling the full spectrum of strategic business goals and initiatives.


I provide my clients with a unique advantage, blending comprehensive organizational knowledge gained from in-house leadership with innovative, high-impact approaches from top-tier agency experience.

Unlike others who have only worked in limited environments or focus on higher-level thought leadership, I've walked the walk with dozens of organizations and businesses.


Whether you’re a senior leader, an agency, or a consultant seeking a partner, you can depend on me for expert counsel and professional support every step of the way.

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Rachel Semigran
"My colleagues and I are very happy with the process and results from working with DJG Marketing on a website audit. We received thorough, data-driven recommendations and felt like Dan and his partner Patrick were true members of our team. What I appreciated most was that the final deliverable was tailored to our institution—not a copy/paste exercise. Throughout, Dan was communicative, supportive, and excited by the work. His experience from the agency world and in-house at higher ed institutions gave us the best of both worlds for insights and industry best practices."

Rachel Semigran

Director of Enrollment Marketing,

Swarthmore College


I provide a unique solution for partners seeking an alternative approach to complex problem-solving.

No need to struggle through it internally or invest time and resources hiring a large, costly agency.

My bespoke strategy, implementation, and consulting services leverage business acumen, expert marketing knowledge, and a network of top specialists to deliver unbiased counsel and integrated strategies that drive transformative outcomes.

This agile, individualized, and hands-on approach results in significant time and cost savings for you. By reducing risk to your organization and advancing your strategic initiatives, I enable you to confidently focus on your core operations, knowing success is in trusted hands.​


  • Brand and Reputation Enhancement

  • Student Recruitment

  • Fundraising and Campaigns

  • Alumni and Donor Engagement

  • Team Structuring and Optimization

  • Issues Management / Crisis Communications

  • Stakeholder Management

  • Effective Client-Agency Partnerships

Business Consultation

Benefits of Partnering
with DJG Marketing

  • Instant Expertise: Immediately bolster your team with 20 years of top industry experience and thought leadership.

  • Rapid Onboarding: Quick and seamless ramp-up with minimal onboarding, education, and handholding required, accelerating your speed to solution/market.

  • Stakeholder Alignment: Ensure you're addressing the issues that stakeholders actually care about.

  • Risk Mitigation: Reduce the risk of high-visibility initiatives derailing, preventing failed investments and ineffective projects (and even sometimes lawsuits).

  • Success Assurance: Boost your probability of success as well as staying within budget and meeting critical deadlines.

  • Tailored Engagements: Enjoy flexible, highly individualized scopes of engagement that meet you exactly where you are.

  • Expert Network: Gain access to a personal network of industry experts and specialists, expanding your resources and insights.

  • Trusted Partner: Work with a highly trusted and credible third-party whose sole focus is your success.


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